Recruiter Tips: Signs You May Need More Staff

How do you know if it is time to hire more staff for your company? Are you losing money by not having someone complete the task or take on the project? Are your current staff covering more than originally intended? Don’t miss these crucial signs that you may need more staff:

  • If the team are struggling to complete tasks and reach the deadline, it may mean there is more workload than the team can cope with
  • Non-verbal signs such as struggling to set goals, struggling to reach those goals and tasks being missed or pushed back
  • If you have a high staff turnover this could signal that the employees are not happy with their work load

Not hiring can also cost the company money, as well as losing the vital current staff needed to cover the work which is already an added stress. Other problems can arise such as:

  • Increase in overtime pay because of under-staffing
  • Complaints or queries missed and not dealt with as staff may need more time to respond and act accordingly
  • Problems in scheduling as staff may be called upon to cover multiple shifts/ roles or you may need to cover them yourself
  • High staff turnovers mean you are also losing out on the employee’s experience and skill
  • Turning down new opportunities and clients because you do not have the staff to fulfill it

Finding new staff is important if you want your business to thrive. By bringing in new skills, different perspectives and a fresh outlook you will increase revenue, capacity and brand awareness sooner than your rivals. Other benefits include:

  • New Expertise. Bringing in new skills that your current employees might not possess, expanding current sectors within the company or creating new ones
  • The right employee can possess skills that can take years to build. Hiring for a new skill-set frees up current employers to focus on their key objectives
  • Fresh perspective is obtained when new employees see things from new angles. Bring innovative ideas and improvements.

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