Recruiter Tips: Finding The Right Candidates

Got a position to fill? Read these tips on how to approach a CV and analyse the information to find the best candidates for your role.

Assessing CVs:

Aside from work history, a CV can hold important clues about whether the candidate could be a good match for your company. Keep in mind the duties that the new employee will need to perform, and what skills are required.

Skills can be divided into two main categories – Hard Skills and Soft Skills.

  • Hard Skills – Software knowledge, additional languages, certificates or licences for specific training
  • Soft Skills – Communication and people skills, character attributes, working styles

Soft Skills:

Soft skills may not be the most obvious to look out for, but they are more difficult to identify and train for as they are usually personal traits. These traits make high potential candidates.

– Grit. Big results need big effort and candidates with grit will show examples of their approaches to get the desired result

– Motivation. Driven individuals will have accomplished things that go beyond their job titles and will use words like ‘motivated’, ‘led’ or ‘developed’.

– Integrity. Candidates should be clear about the obstacles they have faced and credit those who have helped in the process of achieving their goals.

Other clues to look for:

– Format. How is the information arranged on the CV. Is the information cleat and categorised? It should tell a clear story.

– Attention to detail. Have they done a spell check, is the grammar correct etc

– Preparation. If the candidate is well prepared they will highlight their most important aspects that match your job description


Finding experience that matters:

A lengthy CV does not necessarily mean the candidate is strong. Here are some factors to consider:

– Longevity. How long has the candidate spent in their past roles? Or better still, has each role shown quick progression through ranking and titles as opposed to long employment periods with no progression.

– Results. Is the candidate providing real evidence of their past effectiveness and results? Even if they do not directly relate to your business, showing a record of numbers or percentages demonstrate their ability to track their efforts and impact.

– Progression. It is better to see multiple jobs that ascend in seniority as opposed to long employment periods with no progress. This could mean no desire to progress or they do not hold the ability to do so.


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