BC Healthcare – Our Year

2018 has been an exciting year, and 2019 is already looking promising with new Clients on the horizon and the team expanding to manage increasing business. As we prepare for the new year, we take a look back on some of our highlights:

  • Upgrading and moving into our new office at the start of the year, complete with our punch bag for releasing energy when things get exciting!

New OFfice.jpg

  • A bigger office allowed us to expand our team, bringing on skilled Resourcers and additional Admin staff to help cope with business demands.
  • GDPR preperation kept us busy and was a key learning curve this year, but helped improve our information retention processing and re-connected us to active candidates.
  • BC’s first trip to Ascot for the Summer-do, don’t we scrub up well?

Ascot BC

  • We have congratulated our hard-working Consultants for obtaining Senior and Lead roles in the company.
  • The expansion of our team has also meant our presence online has grown, from more applications on job advertisements and more followers on Twitter, to the birth of our BC Blog and developments to our website.


  • A new Christmas tree and decorations is definitely something to get excited about (assembled by the Office Elves of course)


  • The arrival of the first BC babies! We congratulate our Senior Consultant James on the birth of his twin baby boys
  • Wrapping things up this year in Central London for our annual Christmas party, with new client contracts on the horizon that will be sure to keep us busy through-out 2019!



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